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Event Support

E-9 Enterprises provides a pool of over 400+ part time unarmed security personnel and event support staff to the Athletic Department at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) for all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) games. E-9 provides front line security, traffic control, parking, ticketing, gate access and screening control, ushering, Field security, and Eye in the Sky monitoring for all USAFA Football and all other athletic specialty events. Last year, E-9 performed unarmed security for: 6 Home Football Games, 36 Men/Women Basketball Games, 5 Men/Women Lacrosse Matches, 5 Water Polo meets, 10 Men/Women Swim meets, 7 indoor/outdoor track, 25 volleyball, 6 wrestling, 20 hockey games, 1 Cadet Graduation, and 35 Special Activity Events that include: Superintendent receptions/events, awards ceremonies, cadet in-processing, private client events such as musical concerts (Tim McGraw e.g.), and Nitro Circus,  held at the football stadium.

These events can see crowd participation of up to 50,000 guests from the public and include large numbers of Military personnel comprising senior USAF, USAFA Cadets, and other Military Services Flag Officers and Senior Military civilians.  E-9 works with the Secret Service when high value assets are present, e.g. The President of the United States at Graduation 2016.  We supplement Secret Service screening operations, “eyes in the sky,” (our staff are positioned on roof tops and at strategic locations throughout the event area), and cordon-off areas to restrict public and unnecessary personnel access, including foot and automobile traffic.

E-9’s highly visible staff are the first individuals the visiting fans of Air Force athletic events meet when entering an event, therefore their very first impression is met with professionalism and courtesy.

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