Information Technology / Engineering Services


Engineering Services

E-9 provides technical leadership and subject matter expertise in a number of engineering services disciplines. Our disciplined technical experts provide on-schedule and within budget engineering services that yield the best overall value in support of your infrastructure project requirements.  E-9 is a preferred long-term engineering service partner to numerous clients including the US Air Force Academy, USNORTHCOM and Buckley Air Force base.  Our quality system approach focuses on robust project management and internal reviews utilizing best in class methodologies.  E-9 combines our experts and processes with global best-value engineering options to provide high quality work at the best-value to our customer.  E-9 specialists are ready and willing to discuss all your system engineering requirements and provide your integrated project team with numerous value added courses of action.

Our team includes experienced subject matter experts with proven capabilities in systems architecture engineering and requirements development ensuring all our projects are developed in the most agile of environments. Engineering Services include the following focus areas:

  • Technical and Scientific Research
  • Engineering Development
  • Engineering and Advisory Services
  • Business Requirements Elicitation
  • Analysis of Alternates
  • Integrated Systems Architecture Development
  • War-Gaming and Exercise Support

Information Technology

E-9 Information technology capabilities establish a disciplined approach to IT project and program management starting with robust requirements development through project handover and maintenance. Our proven approach ensures the customer, the IT project team, Integrated Project Team (IPT), and all stakeholders invested in an IT project focus on a single compelling mission – achieving on-time project delivery. E-9 utilizes a Project Management Prioritization System (PMPS) to constantly monitor your IT priorities allowing for agile course corrections, ensuring your mission objectives are met on time, on budget and deliver the level of performance expected by the project team.

The E-9 PMPS uses incremental (rapid event) sprint product build techniques for IT projects with delivery of new functionality, tested and accepted by the customer, in cycles of two months or less. E-9 will closely monitor all of our customer’s projects and review any scope changes or project deviations, ensuring all stakeholders’ approval is received and project outcomes meet expected performance levels. Our IT capabilities include the following specialty area:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Data Center Management
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • IT Governance Development
  • Call Center Management
  • IT Help Desk
  • Business Operations
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Requirements Development
  • Data Analytics
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