Based in Colorado Springs, CO and leveraging a Department of Defense and First Responder work ethos, E-9 offers superior technical experience, tactical understanding of emergency crisis response, an unlimited wealth of knowledge in emergency management and disaster relief, a resilient work ethic and an unblemished focus on team concept and success. 

E-9 provides emergency human capital management (role player support), emergency management and crisis training, technical emergency response training, crisis response exercise development, planning and execution, experienced program management, consultation of incident command systems, state of the art integrated CBRNE training equipment, armed security, VIP escort services, administrative and systems engineering, and IT technical aid.

E-9 subject matter experts are qualified, certified, military veterans with graduate level education in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosion (CBRNE) awareness and response, agent detection and identification, consequence management operations, National Incident Management System (NIMS), multi-hazards incident commander, international and Federal Emergency Management Agency search and rescue marking system, mass casualties search and extrication procedures, technical rescue, structural and aircraft rescue firefighting, emergency medical care,  emergency dispatching, decontamination procedures, fire officer roles and responsibilities, fire instructor, fire inspector, hazardous material awareness, operations and technician level response, incident safety officer, and law enforcement protection.  E-9 is also proud to state that within our staff we have an adjunct professor for fire science technology program.

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Relevant Experience: Crisis Management Center Staffing (CMC):

Since 2010, E-9 has worked on numerous relevant contracts and major task orders including our recent work with providing SMEs, role players, moulage makeup and costume teams and equipment for the Illinois National Guard CERFP EXEVAL conducted June 20-24 2016, Georgia National Guard CERFP EXEVAL conducted May 11-13 2016 and April 19-20 2016 and the Nevada National Guard CERFP EXEVAL conducted February 3-5 2016. E-9 also in proud to state our team was selected to provide assistance to the Secret Service during President Obama’s visit to the Air Force Academy Graduation ceremony.

Our subject matter experts are experienced in emergency management and crisis response knowledge from participating in real world multi-hazard disasters and crisis management.  E-9 support staff has responded to Operation Tomodachi, Japan in support of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, CBRNE support for countless Presidential State of The Union Addresses, mutual aid to local area multi-hazard emergencies, aircraft crashes, emergencies on airfields, mass causalities in combat environments, and wildland firefighting situations.

Our veteran staff has planned, implemented, and conducted training with international, civilians and government agencies from Japan, Canada, England, and Israel as well as numerous U.S federal, state and local agencies. 

E-9 staff training includes numerous CBRNE situations, crisis management, and multi-hazard emergencies.  Some of the key training events include: Operation Vibrant Response in Mascatatuck, Indiana; Operation Capital Shield, Washington, DC that included all levels of federal, state and local responders and crisis management teams; Chemical and Biological live agent training at the Defense Research and Development Center, Canada; Radiological live agent training at the Nevada National Security site; Exercise Ochi Focus Lens in Okinawa, Japan focusing on mass CBRN attacks and casualty management, and Exercise Cobra Gold in Thailand practicing joint and combined responsive coordination in the event of a CBRNE attack.

E9 Enterprises provides IT and help desk services to both our own Field Service Engineers as well as other organizations. Our technicians are skilled with database administration; server configuration and administration; network design, install and maintain; and end-user telephone technical support for desk top applications. E9 Enterprises Engineers are capable of providing Tier I (user level) through Tier III (advanced support) technical services.

Top Level CMC Requirement

  • Provide effective 24×7 monitoring of transportation systems
  • Operate secure vital communications links
  • Provide immediate analysis of emergency incidents
  • Initiate appropriate responses
  • Provided controlled access to unclassified and classified information
  • Participate in Exercises and drills (CMC & relocation sites)
  • Provide After-Action Reports (AARs)
  • Establish and maintain seamless relationships with all CMC stakeholders

Recent / Relevant / Exceptional Quality CPAR

  • Reference attached CPAR (2015) under NAICS 561990

E-9 has worked alongside Joint Interagency Training and Education Center (JITEC) staff in support of the following National Guard exercises:

·       Combined Training Exercises (CTE)

·       Pre-External Evaluations (Pre-EXEVAL)

·       External Evaluations (EXEVAL)

·       Special Focus Exercises (SFE)

·       Exercise Vigilant Guards

·       Exercise Artic Eagle

 E-9 has provided support the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the following Army and Air Force National Guard Units:  Alabama National Guard

·       Alaska National Guard

·       Colorado National Guard

·       Florida National Guard

·       Georgia National Guard

·       Illinois National Guard

·       Minnesota National Guard

·       Nebraska National Guard

·       Nevada National Guard

·       New Mexico National Guard

·       New York National Guard

·       Virginia National Guard

·       Vermont National Guard