Based in Colorado Springs, CO and leveraging a Department of Defense and First Responder work ethos, E-9 offers superior technical experience, tactical understanding of emergency crisis response, an unlimited wealth of knowledge in emergency management and disaster relief, a resilient work ethic and an unblemished focus on team concept and success. 

E-9 provides emergency human capital management (role player support), emergency management and crisis training, technical emergency response training, crisis response exercise development, planning and execution, experienced program management, consultation of incident command systems, state of the art integrated CBRNE training equipment, armed security, VIP escort services, administrative and systems engineering, and IT technical aid.

E-9 subject matter experts are qualified, certified, military veterans with graduate level education in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosion (CBRNE) awareness and response, agent detection and identification, consequence management operations, National Incident Management System (NIMS), multi-hazards incident commander, international and Federal Emergency Management Agency search and rescue marking system, mass casualties search and extrication procedures, technical rescue, structural and aircraft rescue firefighting, emergency medical care,  emergency dispatching, decontamination procedures, fire officer roles and responsibilities, fire instructor, fire inspector, hazardous material awareness, operations and technician level response, incident safety officer, and law enforcement protection.  E-9 is also proud to state that within our staff we have an adjunct professor for fire science technology program.

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Relevant Experience: Crisis Management Center Staffing (CMC):

Since 2010, E-9 has worked on numerous relevant contracts and major task orders including our recent work with providing SMEs, role players, moulage makeup and costume teams and equipment for the Illinois National Guard CERFP EXEVAL conducted June 20-24 2016, Georgia National Guard CERFP EXEVAL conducted May 11-13 2016 and April 19-20 2016 and the Nevada National Guard CERFP EXEVAL conducted February 3-5 2016. E-9 also in proud to state our team was selected to provide assistance to the Secret Service during President Obama’s visit to the Air Force Academy Graduation ceremony.

Our subject matter experts are experienced in emergency management and crisis response knowledge from participating in real world multi-hazard disasters and crisis management.  E-9 support staff has responded to Operation Tomodachi, Japan in support of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, CBRNE support for countless Presidential State of The Union Addresses, mutual aid to local area multi-hazard emergencies, aircraft crashes, emergencies on airfields, mass causalities in combat environments, and wildland firefighting situations.

Our veteran staff has planned, implemented, and conducted training with international, civilians and government agencies from Japan, Canada, England, and Israel as well as numerous U.S federal, state and local agencies. 

E-9 staff training includes numerous CBRNE situations, crisis management, and multi-hazard emergencies.  Some of the key training events include: Operation Vibrant Response in Mascatatuck, Indiana; Operation Capital Shield, Washington, DC that included all levels of federal, state and local responders and crisis management teams; Chemical and Biological live agent training at the Defense Research and Development Center, Canada; Radiological live agent training at the Nevada National Security site; Exercise Ochi Focus Lens in Okinawa, Japan focusing on mass CBRN attacks and casualty management, and Exercise Cobra Gold in Thailand practicing joint and combined responsive coordination in the event of a CBRNE attack.

E9 Enterprises provides IT and help desk services to both our own Field Service Engineers as well as other organizations. Our technicians are skilled with database administration; server configuration and administration; network design, install and maintain; and end-user telephone technical support for desk top applications. E9 Enterprises Engineers are capable of providing Tier I (user level) through Tier III (advanced support) technical services.

Top Level CMC Requirement

  • Provide effective 24×7 monitoring of transportation systems
  • Operate secure vital communications links
  • Provide immediate analysis of emergency incidents
  • Initiate appropriate responses
  • Provided controlled access to unclassified and classified information
  • Participate in Exercises and drills (CMC & relocation sites)
  • Provide After-Action Reports (AARs)
  • Establish and maintain seamless relationships with all CMC stakeholders

Recent / Relevant / Exceptional Quality CPAR

  • Reference attached CPAR (2015) under NAICS 561990

E-9 has worked alongside Joint Interagency Training and Education Center (JITEC) staff in support of the following National Guard exercises:

·       Combined Training Exercises (CTE)

·       Pre-External Evaluations (Pre-EXEVAL)

·       External Evaluations (EXEVAL)

·       Special Focus Exercises (SFE)

·       Exercise Vigilant Guards

·       Exercise Artic Eagle

 E-9 has provided support the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the following Army and Air Force National Guard Units:  Alabama National Guard

·       Alaska National Guard

·       Colorado National Guard

·       Florida National Guard

·       Georgia National Guard

·       Illinois National Guard

·       Minnesota National Guard

·       Nebraska National Guard

·       Nevada National Guard

·       New Mexico National Guard

·       New York National Guard

·       Virginia National Guard

·       Vermont National Guard

E-9 provides solutions to help organizations navigate the myriad of complex HR challenges including personnel identification, recruitment, hiring, training, and retention of mission critical staffing for long and short term contracts. E-9 will roll up our sleeves and get involved in the day to day HCM requirements in support of our clients, freeing up their key personnel to focus on core mission requirements. Count on E-9 to bring all of the major components of HCM seamlessly together including – talent identification, talent management, human resources management, training, studies and analysis – and deliver them as a unified and integrated solution for organizations doing business in the U.S. and overseas. Our complete line of HCM services include:

·       Personnel Services and Support

·       Mission & Program Support Services

·       Project Management

·       Strategic, Operational and Tactical planning

·       Administrative Staffing and Augmentation

·       Hiring and Retention

·       Studies and Analysis

·       Training and Technical Support Temporary Personnel

·       Translation Support Personnel

E-9 trusted advisors relieve base commanders of the administrative burden in a number of base installation focus areas including event management, facilities and building maintenance support and event security. E-9 provides 24/7 armed, uniformed Force Protection Officer Support to the Air Force’s Initial Flight Training (IFT) school house, barracks, flight line and aircraft in Pueblo, Colorado.  With a staff of over 25 full time Force Protection Officers trained in non-lethal and lethal means of force E-9 ensures the safety of U.S. and foreign military officers as they are instructed on how to pilot a aircraft. E-9 developed the force protection plan and constructed all protective measures at the facility to make it a harder target for terrorists and criminal activity.

E-9 Enterprises provides a pool of over 400+ part time unarmed security personnel and event support staff to the Athletic Department at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) for all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) games. E-9 provides front line security, traffic control, parking, ticketing, gate access and screening control, ushering, Field security, and Eye in the Sky monitoring for all USAFA Football and all other athletic specialty events. 

E-9 has provided unarmed security for various NCAA and other  events held in the Colorado Springs area, including football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey games; water polo, swimming, and track meets; lacrosse and wrestling matches; cadet graduations; myriad special activity events including USAFA Superintendent receptions and events, ward ceremonies, andUSAFA cadet in-processing.  Additionally, E-9 has provided unarmed security for the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo and many large-scale music concerts, including such headliners as Tim McGraw.  These events can see crowd participation of up to 50,000 guests from the public and include large numbers of Military personnel comprising senior USAF, USAFA Cadets, and other Military Services Flag Officers and Senior Military civilians.  E-9 works with the Secret Service when high value assets are present, e.g. The President of the United States at Graduation 2016.  We supplement Secret Service screening operations, “eyes in the sky,” (our staff are positioned on roof tops and at strategic locations throughout the event area), and cordon-off areas to restrict public and unnecessary personnel access, including foot and automobile traffic.

E-9’s highly visible staff are the first individuals the visiting fans of Air Force athletic events meet when entering an event, therefore their very first impression is met with professionalism and courtesy.

E-9 is able to provide master linguists and interpreters in most languages and varying dialects. Our linguists are deployable and can support all client needs in both CONUS and OCONUS in order to support the task at hand.

The E-9 language staff can provide the following:

·        Analysis

·        Document Translation

·        Culture / Language Instruction

·        Speech Interpretation

·        Subject Matter Experts (SME)

·        Role Players


E-9 Enterprises Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and 8(a) business. Established in 2010, our key management team offers over 100 combined years of industry experience managing and performing projects including: General Construction, IDIQ contracts, Design Build construction, Electrical construction, Rough and Finish Carpentry, Roofing , Plumbing, Utilities, HVAC, Roads, Drainage, Excavation, Concrete, Airfields, Asphalt, Landscape, Maintenance, Cemeteries, Painting, and project both large and small.

Federal Agencies

E-9 has worked with the following Federal Agencies:

Department of Defense – US Army, Corps of Engineers, Department of the Air Force, Air National Guard, Army National Guard,

Department of Commerce – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Department of Veterans Affairs – Veterans Health Administration,

Independent Agencies – General Services Administration, Office of the Inspector General

Department of Homeland Security – Federal Emergency Management Agency

Department of Interior – Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, United States Geological Survey

Department of Transportation – Railroad Commission

Project Locations

Here is a brief list of some project locations where JEH has performed:

Colorado – Air Force Academy, Buckley AFB, Denver VAMC, Denver MINT, Denver Federal Center, Fort Carson ARMY Base, Peterson AFB

E-9 is capable of providing management, supervision, personnel, materials, transportation, general and specialized tools and equipment required to provide and maintain a high level of facility cleanliness and a professional appearance for all large and small scale Custodial / Janitorial contracts.

E-9 Custodial / Janitorial Leadership has over 25 years of combined experience, at different security levels and is ready to assume future Custodial Project Management (PM) roles in CONUS and OCONUS. 

E-9 will provide all custodial / janitorial employees required to successfully execute all necessary services. For contingency coverage of absent employees, E-9 maintains a staff of part-time employees ready to work at a moment’s notice. These personnel work when needed, to cover full time employees while on vacation or sick or the extra help is needed in meeting monthly / annual cleaning requirements on evenings or weekends.


All E-9 contract personnel have a professional appearance always. While at work, employees are in an E-9 custodial uniform with badges, containing the company name and employee’s name. Always professional.

E-9 brings a deep mission understanding to every aspect of logistics, acquisition and material readiness. E-9 has provided supply chain support to numerous Government and private sector clients to include the Air Force, GSA and Kellogg’s. Our suite of solutions and services include developing and maintaining logistics management information systems, predictive modeling, supply process reengineering, material acquisition and readiness management and support for supply chain engineering services. Our Logistics capabilities include:

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Acquisition Support

  • Materials Readiness

  • Supply Chain Support

  • Logistics Business Information Technology Support

  • Contract Support

  • Audit and Improper Payment Analysis

Information Technology

E-9 Information technology capabilities establish a disciplined approach to IT project and program management starting with robust requirements development through project handover and maintenance. Our proven approach ensures the customer, the IT project team, Integrated Project Team (IPT), and all stakeholders invested in an IT project focus on a single compelling mission – achieving on-time project delivery. E-9 utilizes a Project Management Prioritization System (PMPS) to constantly monitor your IT priorities allowing for agile course corrections, ensuring your mission objectives are met on time, on budget and deliver the level of performance expected by the project team.

The E-9 PMPS uses incremental (rapid event) sprint product build techniques for IT projects with delivery of new functionality, tested and accepted by the customer, in cycles of two months or less. E-9 will closely monitor all of our customer’s projects and review any scope changes or project deviations, ensuring all stakeholders’ approval is received and project outcomes meet expected performance levels.


E-9's capable staff works tirelessly to ensure that our customers' systems achieve and maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and availability that reflect a working balance of information usage and security protection and monitoring. Furthermore, E-9 can provide your organization with the tools and training to collect, analyze, and report digital data in accordance with the highest standards of Cyber Forensics.

Our IT capabilities include the following specialty area:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Data Center Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Forensics
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • IT Governance Development
  • Call Center Management
  • IT Help Desk
  • Business Operations
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Requirements Development
  • Data Analytics

Engineering Services

E-9 provides technical leadership and subject matter expertise in a number of engineering services disciplines. Our disciplined technical experts provide on-schedule and within budget engineering services that yield the best overall value in support of your infrastructure project requirements.  E-9 is a preferred long-term engineering service partner to numerous clients including the US Air Force Academy, USNORTHCOM and Buckley Air Force base.  Our quality system approach focuses on robust project management and internal reviews utilizing best in class methodologies.  E-9 combines our experts and processes with global best-value engineering options to provide high quality work at the best-value to our customer.  E-9 specialists are ready and willing to discuss all your system engineering requirements and provide your integrated project team with numerous value added courses of action.

Our team includes experienced subject matter experts with proven capabilities in systems architecture engineering and requirements development ensuring all our projects are developed in the most agile of environments. Engineering Services include the following focus areas:

  • Technical and Scientific Research
  • Engineering Development
  • Engineering and Advisory Services
  • Business Requirements Elicitation
  • Analysis of Alternates
  • Integrated Systems Architecture Development
  • War-Gaming and Exercise Support


Audio Visual System Integration

  • Audio Visual Design/Build Engineering
  • VideoTeleconferencing (VTC) Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Mass Notification – Digital Signage
  • Web Casting
  • Distributed Antenna Systems/In-building Wireless
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Cable
    • Telecom/Ins ide & Outside Plant
  • Data Center Design and Implementation
  • Security Infrastructure Consulting and Installation

E-9’s drone pilots specialize in 360 panoramic photography and cinematography to capture all aspects of the training or real world environment offering a bird’s eye view to ground commanders. Our drones capture high resolution aerial photography / cinematography that can’t be captured by boots on the ground or full sized rotary or fixed wing aircraft.

E-9 Drone Support offers the client:

·        Real-time live areal footage.

·        Unedited areal footage.

·        Edited areal footage

·        ur squadron of professional aerial platforms go from small to large drones, depending on the need, all with high resolution cameras.

·        ur Drone Pilots are all former military veterans or first responders and are FAA Certified Remote Pilots with all the required FAA waivers to fly.

No Matter the Occasion, E-9 has the Professional Photography Team to Meet Your Organization’s Needs 

Our team of expert photographers, re-touchers, and prepress graphic artists are capable of capturing professional grade photo and video in the most dynamic and demanding of environments. 

Short and Long Term Contracting Available 

Whether you require a one-time photoshoot or a long-term photographer to be added to your team, E-9 has the staffing power to meet your specific needs. 

Professional Grade Editing and Finishing 

E-9 uses the finest finishing tools available on the market, including the entire Adobe photo-editing and marketing suite, to ensure the finished product is exactly what our clients need. 


With state-of-the-art equipment, E-9 is able to capture high-definition video, edit, and produce products that show the world your capabilities and accomplishments. 

With Over 25 years of Experience, Our Team can Grow the Future of Your Brand 

Whether you are only just beginning to build your brand, require specialized digital and social targeting, or require focused and specialized data analytics to determine the reach of your marketing investments, E-9 has the tools to make it happen. 

Experts in Marketing for the Department of Defense 

With members featuring a world-class background in recruiting, E-9’s marketing team has conducted officer procurement, enlisted procurement, and the procurement of specialized civilian professionals across all branches of the United States Military and the Department of Defense at large. During the troop surge requirements of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, E-9 professionals were instrumental in meeting the most demanding troop-level requirements our nation has ever faced: from initial contact to enlistment and commissioning, E-9’s staff ensured that only the most capable and qualified applicants wore the cloth of our country. 

Creative Canvasing at Any Scale 

E-9 is intimately familiar with large-scale marketing and Enhanced Area Canvasing (EAC) events. To date, our marketing team has conducted events at NASCAR, Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) fights, fitness bootcamps, and many more. 

Physical and Digital Productions 

Ranging from logo design, physical branding (e.g. t-shirts, coffee mugs, key-chains, etc.), pamphlets and brochures, website design, video production, and social media outreach, E-9 has the experience to produce the professional products to grow your organization.