E-9 provides solutions to help organizations navigate the myriad of complex HR challenges including personnel identification, recruitment, hiring, training, and retention of mission critical staffing for long and short term contracts. E-9 will roll up our sleeves and get involved in the day to day HCM requirements in support of our clients, freeing up their key personnel to focus on core mission requirements. Count on E-9 to bring all of the major components of HCM seamlessly together including – talent identification, talent management, human resources management, training, studies and analysis – and deliver them as a unified and integrated solution for organizations doing business in the U.S. and overseas. Our complete line of HCM services include:

·       Personnel Services and Support

·       Mission & Program Support Services

·       Project Management

·       Strategic, Operational and Tactical planning

·       Administrative Staffing and Augmentation

·       Hiring and Retention

·       Studies and Analysis

·       Training and Technical Support Temporary Personnel

·       Translation Support Personnel